How Can the Balance of Dofollow and Nofollow Links Affect the Overall Health of a Website’s Link Profile?



A healthy mix of dofollow and nofollow links is essential for the overall health of a website’s link profile. Dofollow links help in passing SEO value, while nofollow links contribute to a natural and diverse link profile. Here’s a detailed explanation of how their balance impacts your website.

Dofollow links are hyperlinks that allow search engine bots to follow them and pass "link juice" or SEO value to the linked page. Conversely, nofollow links include an HTML attribute (rel="nofollow") that instructs search engine bots not to pass SEO value to the linked page. Both types of links have their own roles in a link-building strategy.

Dofollow links are pivotal for a website’s authority and ranking potential:

Nofollow links are essential for a balanced and natural link profile:

  • Brand Exposure: These links, often used in comments, forums, and social media, contribute to brand exposure even if they don't pass SEO value. [Backlinko, The Definitive Guide, 2023]
  • Natural Link Profile: Nofollow links help create a more natural and diverse link profile, reducing the risk of Google penalties. [Neil Patel, 2023]
  • Traffic Generation: Despite not passing SEO value, nofollow links can drive significant traffic and engagement from other websites. [Search Engine Watch, 2016]

A balanced mix of dofollow and nofollow links is critical for appearing natural to search engines. A predominantly dofollow link profile may appear manipulative, risking penalties. [SEMrush, 2023]

Gaining both types of links from various sources (blogs, news sites, forums) diversifies traffic sources and enhances the site’s resilience to algorithm changes. [Digital Marketing Institute, 2023]

Quality Over Quantity

Focus on obtaining high-quality dofollow links from authoritative domains and incorporating nofollow links naturally through diverse channels like social media, comments, and forums. [Search Engine Land, 2018]


A healthy website link profile maintains a balanced mix of dofollow and nofollow links. While dofollow links are critical for SEO and authority, nofollow links contribute to a diverse and natural link profile, driving traffic and ensuring compliance with best SEO practices.