What Are the Key Benefits of Implementing Brotli Compression, and How Can I Configure It for Optimal Page Load Speeds?


Brotli is a modern compression algorithm which provides better compression ratios than Gzip, leading to faster page load times. Configuring Brotli for your web server requires some effort and understanding of server settings. This guide will provide an in-depth overview of the benefits of Brotli compression and its implementation.

Key Benefits of Brotli Compression

Better Compression Rates

Brotli provides superior compression ratios than Gzip, which means fewer bytes are transferred between the server and the client, resulting in faster page load times [JavaScript Startup Optimization, Google, 2020].

Improved Page Load Speed

As a result of better compression, Brotli often provides noticeably faster page load times, resulting in improved user experience, lower bounce rates, and potentially better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) outcomes [The Effects of Page Load Speed on SEO and User Behavior, Ahrefs, 2021].

Savings in Bandwidth

The use of Brotli leads to lower data transfer rates, resulting in bandwidth savings. This could lead to lower operating costs and also benefits users who are on limited or metered internet packages [Results of the Brotli Experiment, Cloudflare, 2016].

Configuring Brotli Compression

Server Configuration

To utilize Brotli compression, your server needs to be configured accordingly. Many new web servers like nginx and Apache HTTP Server support Brotli. Here's an example of how to enable Brotli in the nginx configuration:

http {
brotli on;
brotli_static on;
brotli_types text/xml image/svg+xml application/x-font-ttf image/vnd.microsoft.icon application/x-font-opentype application/json font/eot application/vnd.ms-fontobject application/javascript font/otf application/xml application/xhtml+xml text/javascript application/rss+xml application/atom+xml font/opentype text/css image/x-icon;
For older versions or unsupported servers, you might need to use reverse proxies or custom modules [How to enable Brotli compression on NGINX, TechRepublic, 2021].

Checking Brotli Implementation

Once setup, you can validate your Brotli implementation using online tools like KeyCDN’s Brotli Test or by reviewing the content-encoding response header in your browser’s developer tools.

Compressions vs Page Load Speeds

It's important to balance the level of compression with the processing power of your server. Higher compression levels may consume more CPU resources. For instance, in nginx, Brotli compression level can be set from 1 (lowest compression and less CPU usage) to 11 (highest compression but more CPU usage). Hence, you need to choose an optimal compression level based on your server's capabilities.


Utilizing Brotli compression can significantly improve page load speed, enhance user experience, and save bandwidth. Although configuring your server to use Brotli might require some effort, it generally yields positive results.