What Are the Primary Benefits of Dofollow Links in Terms of SEO and Site Authority?


Dofollow links significantly enhance a website's SEO performance and authority by passing link equity to the linked site. They help improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and build domain authority. This comprehensive guide breaks down the primary benefits of dofollow links for SEO and site authority.

Improving Search Engine Rankings

Dofollow links pass link equity (or "link juice") from the referring site to the target site. This transfer of link equity is a significant ranking factor in search engines like Google, contributing to higher search rankings for the target site. According to Moz's Search Engine Ranking Factors, 2023, backlinks, especially dofollow links, play a critical role in Google's ranking algorithm.

Trust and Authority

When reputable sites link to your content using dofollow links, search engines view your site as a trustworthy and authoritative source of information. This trust factor positively influences your overall domain authority. For instance, Ahrefs highlights Domain Rating (DR) as a measure of the strength of a website's backlink profile, where high-quality dofollow links from authoritative sites can significantly boost this rating.

Increasing Organic Traffic

Referral Traffic

Dofollow links not only benefit SEO but also drive direct referral traffic. When users click on a dofollow link from a high-traffic site, they are directed to your site, potentially increasing your audience and engagement. A study by Backlinko, 2022 illustrates the positive impact of backlinks on increasing organic traffic flows from referring domains.

Enhanced Visibility

Higher search engine rankings resulting from dofollow links lead to better visibility in search results. This increased visibility translates to higher click-through rates and more organic visitors finding your site through search engines. Google’s guide on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide, 2023 confirms the importance of backlinks for improving search visibility.

Building Domain Authority

Receiving dofollow links from authoritative domains (e.g., government websites, educational institutions, and industry-leading blogs) signals to search engines that your site is a credible and valuable resource. This enhanced domain authority improves your site's overall ability to rank well. As Search Engine Land, 2021 states, building a robust backlink profile with authoritative links can significantly influence your site's authority and ranking potential.

Dofollow links contribute to link diversity, which search engines prefer. A varied backlink profile, including links from different domains, industries, and types of websites, indicates a natural and organic link-building process. Growth Marketing Genie, 2022 emphasizes the necessity of diversity in backlink profiles for achieving sustained SEO success.

Examples and Best Practices

Guest Blogging

Publishing guest posts on authoritative blogs with dofollow links back to your site is an effective link-building strategy. Ensure the content is relevant and valuable to the audience of the host blog to maximize impact. For more on this, refer to Neil Patel's Comprehensive Guide to Guest Blogging, 2023.

Content Marketing

Creating high-quality, shareable content such as infographics, research studies, and comprehensive guides can naturally attract dofollow links from other websites. HubSpot’s guide on Backlink Strategies, 2023 offers insights into how content marketing can effectively drive organic backlinks.


Dofollow links are indispensable for improving search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic, and building domain authority. By leveraging strategies such as guest blogging and content marketing, websites can secure high-quality dofollow links and significantly enhance their SEO performance.