What Technical SEO Fixes Can I Implement to Help Pages Stuck in "Crawled - Currently Not Indexed" Achieve Better Indexing and Rankings?


If your web pages are stuck in "Crawled - currently not indexed" status by Google, there are several SEO fixes you can implement to improve their indexing and rankings. These include improving your website's content, ensuring the technical health of your site, boosting your site's speed and user experience, and obtaining high-quality backlinks among others.

1. Improving Website Content

Original & Unique Content

Ensure all your content is original and unique. Duplicate content can confuse search engines and may harm your website's ranking & indexing [Avoid Duplicate Content, 2021].

Sitemap Submission

Submit a sitemap for your website to Google Search Console, which helps Google's web crawlers find and index all your important pages [Submit Sitemaps, 2021].

2. Technical SEO Health

Coding Errors

Check for coding errors on your website with tools like W3C's HTML validator. Invalid HTML can prevent Google from indexing your pages correctly [HTML Validator, 2021].

Robots.txt & .htaccess

Ensure your robots.txt and .htaccess files aren't blocking Google's web crawlers from accessing your pages. You can use Google's Robots Testing Tool for this [Robots.txt Specifications, 2021].

3. Website Speed & User Experience

Page Loading Speed

Speed up your site's loading time, as slow pages can affect both user experience and search engine rankings. Google's PageSpeed Insights tool can provide recommendations for this [PageSpeed Insights, 2021].


Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Google predominantly uses mobile-first indexing, so pages that don't work well on mobile devices may not be indexed or ranked well [Mobile-First Indexing, 2021].

Quality backlinks to your site can increase its authority, leading to better indexing and ranking. Outreach to relevant industry influencers and sites, write guest posts, and create high-quality shareable content to attract these backlinks [Getting Started with SEO, 2021].


Achieving better indexing and ranking for your website is a multi-step process that requires attention to your site's content, technical SEO health, speed, user experience and backlink quality. By implementing improvements in these areas, you can help ensure your site is indexed by Google and ranks well in search results.